Palestra | When is a test-taking strategy better? An approach from the paradigm of scheduling under explorable uncertainty

Óscar C. Vásquez (Universidad de Santiago de Chile)

Quarta-feira, 22/11, às 13h30, na sala 2077.

We adopt the paradigm of scheduling under explorable uncertainty to explore test-taking strategies to solve standardized tests in terms of maximizing the correct questions answered. From this approach, a test taker considers a number of questions and has the possibility to read it in order to obtain its difficulty. Later, he/she has two options: a) to answer the question or b) to skip the one that seemed difficult and read the next question in the test. Specifically, we state the problem definition by considering these two test-taking strategies, formulate and implement a mathematical model, and generate computational experiments in order to determine the dominance of one strategy over another. The results show that the dominance depends directly on the design of the test and the maximum time to perform it, so knowing these parameters allow us to provide algorithmic insights to address this problem. Some extensions to other management problems such as care of patients in the emergency are discussed (work conjoint with C. Mauricio, S. Dávila-Gálvez).

Óscar C. Vásquez received his MSc. in Mathematics Applied from the Ecole Polytechnique, France (2008) and PhD in Computer Science from the Pierre and Marie Curie University (2014). He is an associate professor in the Industrial Engineering Department at Universidad de Santiago de Chile. His research interests lie in decision problems from decentralized and centralized perspectives focused on sustainable production systems. He has worked on scheduling, combinatorial optimization, algorithmic game theory, algorithms analysis and continuous/discrete-event simulation for health and education public systems, industrial systems, response projects in natural disasters, operations underground mine, municipal solid waste management, water
management, energy management and energy/quality of service in computer systems. Currently, I am Director of the PhD/Master in Engineering Sciences, mention in Industrial Engineering (DCII/MCII) and the Program for the Development of Sustainable Production Systems (PDSPS) at Universidad de Santiago de Chile.

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