Visiting Professor at the University of Oxford and Corporate Vice President of Cadence Design Systems speaks at the DCC

Next Wednesday, the 30th, at 10:30 am, in Auditorium B101 – CAD 3, at UFMG’s Pampulha Campus, the Visiting Professor, University of Oxford – UK and Corporate Vice President of Cadence Design Systems, Ziyad Hanna PhD., will deliver, in person and open to the public, the lecture “An Introduction to Computational Software by Cadence”. The lecture is being organized by the professor of the Department of Computer Science (DCC) at UFMG, Omar Paranaíba.

Ziyad Hanna is a Corporate Vice President of Cadence Design Systems, and the R&D General Manager of Cadence Israel, leading the company’s technology innovations and business in the area of Electronic Design Automation with focus on software verification technologies and solutions for the worldwide chip design industry. Prior to that, he was the Sr. Vice President and General Manager of Jasper Israel, the first startup company that made its way to exit and managed by an Arab Israeli General Manager. Prior to joining Jasper, Ziyad was a senior principal engineer and senior manager at Intel in Israel and the US. A senior IEEE member, Ziyad is very active in the Hi-Tech field and has participated in many international conferences and workshops. He has published more than 30 articles, has 15 patents, and gave hundreds of talks in various fields in computer science. Ziyad received numerous awards including Intel’s highest achievement award twice, and Cadence move-the-needle award. He obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degree from Tel Aviv University, and PhD in computer science from Oxford University in England, where he serves as a visiting professor in the computer science department. Ziyad is very active to foster the Hi-Tech in the Arab community in Israel and serves as Co-Chair of the General Council of the Tsofen foundation for the development of Hi-Tech in the Arab community in Israel. Ziyad was ranked number 39 in TheMarker’s 100 most influential people on the Israel life for year 2019, also top the list in the Hi-Tech category. Also, his name was included in the list of the most influential people in Hi-Tech for 2020 in the People and Computers magazine.

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