Next Generation Multimedia: Designing, Implementing, and Analyzing New Services

The most traditional multimedia content is video. Efficient storage, retrieval and transmission of video has been extensively studied and implemented. Video provides an interesting challenge for multimedia systems due to its high bandwidth requirements. Video servers also provide a very useful service because video has many different and interesting applications such as distance learning, teleconferencing among others. However, several other types of multimedia content exist, such as audio, images and text. Frequently these types of media are handled in the same way as video. But each has unique characteristics that make its efficient storage, retrieval and transmission a different problem. In this project we propose to continue our work on the video on demand server developed under the Almadem project [1] to allow a more efficient video service as well as to extend this work to handle different types of media. We plan to integrate these results in a multimedia web site that will serve all types of media efficiently. By integrating different services in one site we will be able to treat each media according to its characteristics but at the same time to take advantage of the similarities between them. By creating a web site available to all internet users, we will have the benefit of a real world workload (for free) that will not only help us fine tune the system but will also help us identify which types of media and which types of service are more interesting and useful for users. 

Início: 2000
Término: 2002
Coordenador: Berthier Ribeiro-Neto
Agência: CNPq
Programa: Edital Universal 01/2000 / Edital CNPq - 01/2000 - Faixa C
Processo: 469836/2000-8
Situação: Encerrado