Quality of Service in Wireless Communication: Algorithms and Optimization

The research proposed has been conducted within the Computer Science Department at Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil, and INRIA, Sophia, France. The objectives are to explore wireless communication and mobile computing. The project focuses on base station location problems, frequency assignment, mobile unit management and routing in low earth satellite constellation. The work has involved the combination of mathematical formulation, algorithm development, based on combinatorial optimization techniques, simulation, prototyping and result analysis.

Alunos envolvidos: Mestrado acadêmico: (2) Doutorado: (4) .

Integrantes: Geraldo Robson Mateus – Coordenador / Henrique Pacca Loureiro Luna – Integrante / Afonso Ferreira – Integrante / Jerôme Galtier – Integrante / Philippe Mahey – Integrante / Marcos Augusto dos Santos – Integrante / Jean Claude Bermond – Integrante / Stéphane Perennes – Integrante. 


Início: 1999
Término: 2001
Coordenador: Geraldo Robson Mateus
Agência: CNPq
Situação: Encerrado