Open Archives: Distributed Services for physicists and graduate students

This project involves digital library research to support scholarly communication through further elaboration of the Open Archives initiative (Oai, It focuses on two types of users: graduate students and physicists. Through collaboration between University of Oldenburg in Germany and Virginia Tech in USA, as well as support from a number of partners, new software and toolkits will be developed that will enable the establishment and interoperation of hundreds of open archives .

Alunos envolvidos: Graduação: (0) / Especialização: (0) / Mestrado acadêmico: (0) / Mestrado profissionalizante: (0) / Doutorado: (5) .

Integrantes: Marcos André Gonçalves – Integrante / Edward A Fox – Coordenador. 


Início: 2001
Término: 2004
Situação: Encerrado