HP- Improving Introductory Computer Science Course through the Use of Tablet PC

This project aims at using the Tablet PC for teaching Algorithms and Data Structures II, a basic Computer Science course, mandatory to students majoring in 5 areas, namely Computer Science, Computational Mathematics, Information Science, Electrical Engineering, and Automation Control, and optional to students majoring in a few other areas. The course is typically taken during the second semester of under-graduate studies. Its program includes introduction to computers and programming languages, program design, program implementation in a high level language, and a broad view of the Computer Science area and its scope. To achieve the project s main goal, the course will be redesigned to use the Tablet PC during lectures, offering the teacher and students the chance to use digital ink during topic explanation, assignment resolution and correction. The digital ink will also be explored in a peer review process, where students have the chance to review each other s solutions and discuss the content presented. We believe this redesign will favor a more interactive and dynamic environment for teaching and learning, and at the same time offer the benefits from a digital Internet-connected medium.

Alunos envolvidos: Graduação: (1) .

Integrantes: Raquel Oliveira Prates – Coordenador. 

Número de orientações: 1