Situated Ubiquitous Network

In the context of emerging wireless technologies and in order to ensure an effective ubiquitous environment, it is important to design a smooth link between the heterogeneous wireless technologies to allow the communication between the concerned things (laptop, phone, home appliances, RFID, sensors, ). In this context SUN project has the ambition to build what it called IoTcR (Internet of Things Connected by Radio). In this IoTcR network, the major issue is to ensure end-to-end service continuity and security during mobility in the interconnected things by radio (heterogeneous wireless communications). For this purpose, a deep research will be conducted to design an effective vertical handover support with end-to-end service continuity. This is not easy since the IoTcR network will gather very different technologies that will have different constraints such as low resources, high bit error rate. In the IoTcR project in order to join the network, the new node has to be authenticated. That is another challenge of the project which is to define how the inter-domain authentication will be realized between different components of the IoTcR network (sensors, RFID, AP, etc). The originality of the project is to offer a framework that can gather information in all layers necessary for the vertical handover decision, and ensure the end to end service continuity by using a local and global view of the network state. From the scientific point of view, the project will prove the possibility of interconnecting poor and rich networks to provide ubiquitous networking and will provide a generic framework that will integrate new wireless technologies easily. This will be possible by the design of this new knowledge plane that will provide the situated view in order to better execute the vertical handover and ensure the end to end service continuity using a unified signaling. From industrial point of view, the project will integrate different actors (service provider, network).

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