Autonomic Internet

Networks require greater degree of service-awareness. This implies that not only are all digital items pertaining to a service delivered, but also all relevant business goals are fulfilled, and network resources are used optimally. As a consequence the network s complexity grows with service abundance placing new requirements on network control and management as well as on Internet network resource usage. Autonomic Internet (AutoI) aspires to be such a solution. It will design and develop a self-managing virtual resource overlay that can span across heterogeneous networks, support service mobility, quality of service and reliability. The overlay will self-manage based on the business-driven service goals changes (service context) and resource environment changes (resource context). Accordingly, AutoI, suggests a transition from a service agnostic Internet to service-aware network resources by means of Virtualising network resources and Policy-Based Management techniques to describe and control the internal service logic, utilising Ontology-based information and data models to facilitate the Internet service deployment in terms of programmable networks facilities supporting NGN. Finally, aiming at the unification in autonomics, AutoI is aligned with the international standard group Autonomic Communications Forum (ACF) objectives, which will provide AutoI the platform for transforming results into standards.

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