Collaborative Monitoring

This industrial research project will develop the technology that is needed to allow end-users to collaborate in order to identify the origin and cause of Internet service degradation. The main differentiating assumptions we make in this project are that (i) ISPs do not cooperate together, and (ii) we cannot rely on any information they provide in order to diagnose service problems. Even more, we consider that these ISP will try to masquerade the user observations in order to make their service look better. The software designed in this project will be added to the toolbox currently provided by the Grenouille project. We hope that such a project will encourage ISPs to improve their quality of service and will contribute to improve customer satisfaction.

 Integrantes: Italo Fernando Scotá Cunha – Integrante / Christophe Diot – Coordenador. 

Sigla: CMON

Início: 2008
Término: 2011
Situação: Encerrado