Renato Martins Assunção

Bolsa de Produtividade CNPq: 1C

Áreas de Pesquisa:
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Doutor, University of Washington, EUA, 1994

Sala: 7307
Ramal: 5880

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Currículo Lattes atualizado em 09/02/2021

Nome em citações bibliográficas: ASSUNÇÃO, Renato Martins;Assunção, Renato;Assuncao, Renato;Assunção, Renato M.;Renato M. Assunção,;Assunção, R.;Assun??o, Renato M.;Assunção, Renato M;ASSUNCAO, R.;ASSUNCAO, RENATO MARTINS;ASSUNCAO, RENATO M.;ASSUNCAO, RENATO M;MARTINS ASSUNÇÃO, RENATO

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Artigos em periódicos

Bias Correction in Clustered Underreported Data
2020. Bayesian Analysis.
Space-Time Drift Point Detection in Mobility Patterns
2020. ACM Transactions on Spatial Algorithms and Systems.
Graph-based Recommendation Meets Bayes and Similarity Measures
2020. ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology.
Alleviating Spatial Confounding for Areal Data Problems by Displacing the Geographical Centroids
2019. Bayesian Analysis.
Identifying High-Risk Areas for Dengue Infection Using Mobility Patterns on Twitter
2019. Online Journal of Public Health Informatics.
Bayesian Space-Time Partitioning by Sampling and Pruning Spanning Trees
Sports Analytics in the Era of Big Data: Moving Toward the Next Frontier
2019. Big Data.
Modeling vertical gradients in water columns: A parametric autoregressive approach
In Search of a Stochastic Model for the E-News Reader
2019. ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data.
Random Playlists Smoothly Commuting Between Styles
2019. ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing Communications and Applications.
Where did I get dengue? Detecting spatial clusters of infection risk with social network data
COWORDS: a probabilistic model for multiple word clouds
Truncated sequential Monte Carlo test with exact power
2018. Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics.
Neighborhood Dependence in Bayesian Spatial Models
2009. Biometrical Journal (1977).
Surveillance to detect emerging space time clusters
2009. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis (Print).
A Bayesian space varying parameter model applied to estimating fertility schedules
2002. Statistics in Medicine (Print).
A new proposal to adjust Moran's I for population density
1999. Statistics in Medicine (Print). 3.0.CO;2-I target="_blank">

Trabalhos completos em congressos

Networked Point Process Models Under the Lens of Scrutiny
2020. European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases.
Stop the Clock: Are Timeout Effects Real?
2020. European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases.
Evaluating the Evaluation Metrics for Spatial Disease Cluster Detection Algorithms
2020. 28th International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems.
The times they are a-changin' (or not)
2019. the 25th Brazillian Symposium.
Detecting Spatial Clusters of Disease Infection Risk Using Sparsely Sampled Social Media Mobility Patterns
2019. the 27th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference.
Spatial Risk Modeling for Infectious Disease Surveillance Using Population Movement Data
2018. Workshop on Modeling and Decision-Making in the Spatiotemporal Domain.
Fast Estimation of Causal Interactions using Wold Processes
2018. 32nd Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2018).
SKATER-CON: Unsupervised Regionalization via Stochastic Tree Partitioning Within a Consensus Framework Using Random Spanning Trees
2018. 2nd ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on AI for Geographic Knowledge Discovery.
Entendendo a evolução das habilidades de jogadores de futebol através das pontuações do jogo eletrônico FIFA
2018. Symposium on Knowledge Discovery, Mining and Learning (KDMiLe).
A Generative Spatial Clustering Model for Random Data through Spanning Trees
2015. 2015 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM).

Resumos expandidos em congressos

ROPE and STRAW: Automatic Music Playlist Generators.
2017. XXIII Simpósio Brasileiro de Sistemas Multimídia e Web (WebMedia).
A New Credit Scoring Method
2007. Third Brazilian Conference on Statistical Modelling in Insurance and Finance.

Resumos em congressos

Covariance decomposition in multivariate spatial models
2012. XX Simpósio Nacional de Probabilidade e Estatística.
Bayesian spatial models with mixture neighborhood structure.
2012. XII Latin American Congress of Probability and Mathematical Statistics.
A Entropia de Uma Tabela de Vida em Previdência Socia
2008. 18º Simpósio Nacional de Estatística e Probabilidade - SINAPE.
Efeito do Tamanho da População Sobre o Risco Relativo de Homicídios na Região Sudeste nos Anos de 1981 a 2004.
2008. 18º Simpósio Nacional de Probabilidade e Estatística - SINAPE.
Vigilância Espaço-Temporal de Eventos Pontuais Via Superfícies Aacumuladas
2008. 18º Simpósio Nacional de Probabilidade e Estatística - SINAPE.

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