Palestra | Why Your Next Job May Be in AI for Cybersecurity | Claudionor N. Coelho Jr., Chief Al Officer, Zscaler

Data: 14 de dezembro

Horário: 8h30

Local: Sala 4325 – DCC / ICEx

Why Your Next Job May Be in AI for Cybersecurity

Claudionor N. Coelho Jr, PhD/MBA
Chief AI Officer – Zscaler

Cybersecurity is an ever growing market, and its outreach spans from ransomware prevention, to IP theft detection and counter measures, and even national security, to name a few. I will start my presentation reviewing some recent cases of cyberattacks in the news, discussing how that may affect daily aspects of your life, and shifting to discuss the demand for new ways for real-time AI, finalizing with a discussion on the need to low power LLMs, and showing how you can add reasoning capabilities to LLMs based on positive and negative feedback, possibly keeping the size of the LLMs small.

With nearly three decades in the IT and software engineering industry, Claudionor has extensive research and development experience in machine learning and deep learning techniques (including Generative AI), software systems, cybersecurity and semiconductors. As the Chief AI Officer at Zscaler, he is chartered with driving the vision and implementation of advanced AI technologies to strengthen the world’s largest security platform and propel Zscaler’s innovation engine forward.

Prior to joining Zscaler, Claudionor served as the Chief AI Officer and SVP of Engineering at Advantest, where he spearheaded the development of a Zero Trust private cloud solution tailored for the semiconductor manufacturing market, enabling it to run Machine Learning workloads. Before that, Claudionor was the VP/Fellow of AI and the Head of AI Labs at Palo Alto Networks where he led the charge in AI, AIOps and Neuro-symbolic AI, an advanced form of AI that enables reasoning, learning, and cognitive modeling, to help revolutionize time series analysis tools on a massive scale. Claudionor’s career also includes vital roles in Machine Learning and Deep Learning at Google, where he developed a state-of-the-art Deep Learning technology designed for automatic quantization and model compression which played a pivotal function in the search for subatomic particles at CERN. This work was featured in the cover page of Nature Machine Intelligence in August, 2021. He was SVP of Engineering at Jasper Design Automation, which was acquired by Cadence Design Systems, being the largest semiconductor deal involving Brazil for nearly two decades.  He was also responsible for bringing the ACM Programming Contest to the Southern Hemisphere.

Claudionor holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Stanford University and an MBA from Ibmec in Brazil. He earned both his M.Sc in Computer Science and B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais and is an Invited Professor for Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Santa Clara University. 

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