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The computational activities at Federal University of Minas Gerais -UFMG have started since the end of the 60’s at the Computing Center – CECOM, installed in the rectory building. Most CECOM’s researchers also were members of faculty in mathematics department.  On september 26th, 1972  it was raised the Computing Science and Statistic Department  – DCCE.


The Computing Science Department was created on december 12th,1976 criado em 06/12/1976,  from the rupture of DCCE. Until 1978, most professors in the Department of Computer Science served in the Department and CECOM.

On april 27th, 1978, by Ordinance 1133, there was  the untying desvinculamento of this activities and the envolved people. So, the DCC faculty was moved for the Central Pavilion of Classes – PCA until 1992, when the department changed for the new building of Institute of Exact Sciences.

For these years the department has kept its mission to promove the qualification and the scientific and technological development in computing and associated areas, through the human resources formation and the conduct of research, development and transfer of knowledge to society. To accomplish this mission there is a constant concern with the quality of the faculty and the improvement of technical and administrative staff. At the same time, the Department keeps updated laboratories, library and infrastructure management.

The DCC/UFMG  is responsible for the courses in Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Information Systems and Graduate Studies in Computer Science in the levels of master’s and doctorate. Also, it is affiliated with the Department of Mathematics in the offering of Computational Mathematics Course and has a significant stake in several other courses


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