Thinking About Future Computers With No Eletric Current: Low Energy Machines

sexta-feira, 21 Agosto, 2020 - 13:30
Omar Paranaíba

IEEE CASS RS Talks 2020


Abstract: Many scientists states that Moore's Law is close to its end. One of the main reasons is the physical limit of silicon transistors miniaturization. There is not yet an obvious successor technology to the currently CMOS logic, but some possible alternatives have been investigated. In this talk we will discuss in details the historical evolution of computer machines until the end of the golden era where software, architecture, implementation and devices could be developed independently. So a question comes to mind: do we need to continue controlling the electric current to perform computation?

We will discuss some possible alternatives that will allow the development of low energy systems, breaking physical limits of computation and allowing future learning systems.



Short bio: 
Omar Paranaiba Vilela Neto received his undergrad degree in Computer Engineering (2003), M.Sc. degree (2006) Ph.D. degree (2009) in Electrical Engineering from PUC-Rio, Brazil. Since 2010, he is a Professor at the Department of Computer Science, Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil. His main research interests involve Emerging nanotechnologies, nanocomputing and computational nanotechnology. Omar is head of the Nanocomputing and Computational Nanotechnology Laboratory (NanoComp) at the UFMG. Omar is a member of several conference committees, an Associate Researcher of the Brazilian National Research Council and author and co-author of more than 90 publications in scientific journals and conferences.
Professor envolvido: 
Omar Paranaiba Vilela Neto