AMAST Series in Computing: Theories and Experiences for Real-Time Systems Development

Livro: Theories and Experiences for Real-Time System Development.

Our understanding of real-time systems is rapidly approaching a level of maturity which calls for a consolidation of our present knowledge and experience. Particularly effective in influencing our understanding has been the conjoining of universal algebra with the theory and practice of real-time system development. This interplay between algebraic methodology and software technology (AMAST) for real-time systems is the theme for this text. Each chapter, derived from papers presented at the all-invitation 1st AMAST International Workshop on Real-Time Systems (Iowa, 1993), is written by leaders in their field. The chapters form a mix of modelling, specification, verification, and implementation of "real" real-time systems, covering untimed and timed systems, sequential, concurrent and embedded real-time processes, integrated models using state machines, temporal logic and algebraic data models, real-time CSP, verification tools, system design using temporal logic, symbolic checking of discrete time models, iterative symbolic approximation in timing verification and verification of audio protocols, timed full LOTOS and timed LOTOS extensions, LOTOS specification of telephone services and flight warning computers, and performance analysis.

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