Flavio Vinicius Diniz de Figueiredo

Associate  Professor 

PhD, UFMG, Brazil, 2015

  flaviovdf@dcc.ufmg.br   www
 ICEx/DCC, room 4330, +55 (31) 3409-1483
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Ph.D. Ciências da Computação na Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais em 2015
M.Sc. Ciências da Computação na Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais em 2010
B.Sc. Ciência da Computação na Universidade Federal de Campina Grande em 2007

Current projects

2018 a AtualATMOSPHERE - Adaptive, Trustworthy, Manageable, Orchestrated, Secure, Privacy-assuring, Hybrid Ecosystem for Resilient Cloud Computing
ATMOSPHERE aims at the design and development of an ecosystem comprised of a framework and a platform enabling the implementation of next generation trustworthy cloud services on top of an intercontinental hybrid and federated resource pool.
Integrantes: Wagner Meira Jr. (coordenador), Flavio Vinicius Diniz de Figueiredo, Francisco Brasileiro, Thiago Emmanuel Pereira, Jussara M. Almeida, Ana Paula Couto da Silva, Leandro Balby Marinho, ANDRADE, NAZARENO, Gisele L. Pappa, Fabrício Murai Ferreira, Alberto H. F. Laender, Ítalo Cunha, Renato Ferreira, Dorgival Guedes, Raquel C. de Melo Minardi.

Current applied research projects

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Recent publications

Articles in journals

Towards Understanding the Consumption of Video-Ads on YouTube
2018. The Journal of Web Science.
TrendLearner: Early prediction of popularity trends of user generated content
2016. Information Sciences.
On the Dynamics of Social Media Popularity
2014. ACM Transactions on Internet Technology.
Assessing the quality of textual features in social media
2013. Information Processing & Management.
On the Quality of Information for Web 2.0 Services
2010. IEEE Internet Computing.

Papers in conferences

Fast Estimation of Causal Interactions using Wold Processes
2018. Neural Information Processing Systems.
Fairness and Transparency of Machine Learning for Trustworthy Cloud Services
2018. DSN Workshops 2018.
An Investigation of User Actions and Experiences when Exposed to YouTube Video Ads
2018. Simpósio Brasileiro de Sistemas Multimídia e Web (WebMedia).
Typefaces and the Perception of Humanness in Natural Language Chatbots
2017. ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.
Multiple Images of the City
2017. the 28th ACM Conference.
Mining and modeling web trajectories from passive traces
2017. 2017 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data).
Exploring the Latent Structure of Collaborations in Music Production
2016. International Society for Music Information Retrieval - ISMIR.
Understanding Video-Ad Consumption on YouTube: A Measurement Study on User Behavior, Popularity, and Content Properties.
2016. ACM Web Science Conference - WebSci.
2016. the 25th International Conference.
Building a Question-Answering Corpus using Social Media and News Articles
2016. International Conference on the Computational Processing of Portuguese Language - PROPOR.
Mining Online Music Listening Trajectories
2016. International Society for Music Information Retrieval - ISMIR.
Uma Caracterização dos Padrões de Navegação de Usuários em uma Aplicação Social de Streaming de Vídeo
2015. Brazilian Workshop on Social Network Analysis and Mining.

Extended abstracts in conferences

Abstracts in conferences

On the prediction of popularity of trends and hits for user generated videos
2013. the sixth ACM international conference.
On the Impact of Choice in Multi-Service P2P Grids
2008. IEEE/IFIP Network Operations & Management Symposium 2008.

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